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Reminding people to watch their fluid intake, helping them fall asleep nice and easy, or staying in touch with friends; with good research we can design an app for just about anything. See for yourself!

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    92 days

    On average. Sometimes we get it right on the very first try, other times we prefer to spend more time exploring the terrain. Just like you, we want to create apps people use. And love.

67 clients in the past 5 years



I joined the company three years ago and then went to try my luck in London. And now I’m in charge of the whole development team at Funtasty. And I’m more and more convinced that you can (must!) love your work. And then you can go to work with a smile on your face.

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lead ios developer

At work, I cycle through four programming languages and communicate with people based on three continents, which is a lot of fun as well as a source of inspiration. I regularly clear my mind in nature where I can search for the meaning of life outside the office.

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CEO & lead designer

I founded The Funtasty. I take care of its operations, meet with clients, and create concepts for apps. And I try to draw them all, too. In my leisure time I like to travel, but instead of beaches I prefer discovering the best local restaurants wherever I am.

+420 605 312 459‬

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lead android developer

In the company, I’ve got a hand in (almost) every stage of development – from the analysis and proposal to development, testing, and support. I’d like to get a grumpy cat; they say I look like one. But I’m too lazy to to do it myself, so I doubt that’s going to happen.

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ios developer

I like science-fiction and think we are living it. Anyway, it could definitely do with some improvements. Let’s hope we can do something about it at Funtasty. Me? I just do my small part, but I hope it makes a difference in some way.

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android developer

I enjoy working on meaningful apps that make life easier for people or just make them happier. I keep following the latest IT trends and trying them out. Besides my work, I love beer, mindfuck films, and the idea of my future house on a beach.

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project manager

I was supposed to become an architect but was faster than my faculty so now I study (app) architecture at The Funtasty. I see myself surrounded by an excellent team which is growing rapidly, so I prefer to grow with it so I don’t get lost along the way.

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ios developer

All my life, I’ve tried to do what I really enjoy. The more I do it, the better I get at it and the more I enjoy it… perpetuum mobile. When creating apps, I use my common sense, I try to keep things in perspective and stay critical, and I can certainly empathize with lazy users.

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android developer

I’d have never thought that I could get such a dream job at Funtasty via LinkedIN. I did, though, and here I am. And every day is different here. When I come home, I play music from vinyls and dream of dancing at a Sun&Bass festival.

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ios developer

I joined Funtasty not long ago, but the democratic way decisions are made in the team has really surprised me. I know very well that I can never stick to just one thing, so I keep planning new interesting things in my life. Ideally one for every week.

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    in sk

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ios developer

Every app I create has to work the way I’d like to use it myself, so I always try to do my best, whatever I do. I relax either riding my bike or testing out new recipes in the kitchen. And when the right time comes, I’d like to have three kids.

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ios developer

When working on an app, I always try to look at it through the eyes of the most demanding user out there. That’s why I want to polish every single detail. My dream is to create my own app which would earn me enough money to buy a house for my Mom, for everything she’s done for me.

  • born
    in sk

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ios developer

Seeing our apps actually getting used is the best motivation for me to finalize things. I like to spend my weekends at music festivals or riding my motorbike. One day, with my girlfriend holding on behind me, I’m going to ride it all around the world.

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Testing makes me feel satisfied when the apps behave the way they’re supposed to. Apart from that, I also like to code and I recently released a game on Google Play. My dream is to release a game millions of people will play, and also to see the Earth from space.

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android developer

You can have too much of a good thing, as they say, so instead of going for my Master’s degree, I joined Funtasty and haven’t regretted it once. Besides UX, animations, and design, I’m just crazy about bikes and photography. And I’d really like to spend a whole winter in the Alps.

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