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Sell… to people who live just a block away

You know how it goes. You’re selling something via an advertisement and a lot of buyers contact you. As ill luck would have it, though, they all live on the other side of the country. Ugh. So now you need to package it, go to the post office… or maybe not?

Why search all over, when there’s a buyer right around the corner

This one is our baby. After years of developing for others, we decided on a project of our own – an Internet flea market. There are lots of services like that abroad; people buy and sell both new and used things to people who live nearby. No hassle with packaging, shipping, fees, COD payments... and other annoying stuff.

We created every single part of Maarked, including the server, API, and the whole promotional campaign. The app shows only ads from people who live really close to where you are at that moment. If you want to sell something, click on the icon, take a photo of it… and potential buyers, perhaps sitting in a café just around the corner, will be able to see it right away.

  • 4 seconds

    That’s exactly how long
    it takes to publish
    an ad in Maarked.

  • 5 000

    users downloaded our
    app in the first
    month alone

  • 31 days

    It’ll sound crazy but
    it took us only one month
    to put the whole thing together

  • highlight #1

    Unique set of icons

    Sure, we could have just bought the icons for this app from photo banks, but that wouldn’t have been “Made in Funtasty”. Therefore, we drew our own set of all the icons exclusively for Maarked so that each icon fits in the user interface and the style of drawings in the whole app.

  • highlight #2

    Targeted notifications

    Thanks to the analytics we deployed, we send out smart notifications to users that react to their activities in the app. Or even to their inactivity, e.g. if they don’t publish an ad within a week following the registration, they’ll receive a gentle reminder from us.

  • highlight #3

    Our own server and marketing

    Maarked is one of the few apps we prepared a special server for, including the design of API architecture and programming. And it’s definitely the only app for which we did the whole marketing ourselves, paid for it ourselves, and had no strong partner behind our backs.


Homemade: a priceless experience

Maarked was a good opportunity for us to see what it’s like to manage our own project. Completely ours. Suddenly, you realize that no matter how excellent thing you develop, without some good promotion it’s like it never even existed. People would just never learn about it.

For Maarked, we’ve received two offers by big investors, which is only all the more pleasant. The first wave of marketing we did when the app was released showed very decent results. Once the investor joins us, our plan is to create a separate team for Maarked and then we’ll only watch our baby go to the big world of apps on its own.

  • „Excellent“

    Stanislav Šišma – 6th September 2016

  • „Super Just a shame that it has few people.“

    Martin Geryk – 9th November 2016

  • „Super! Useful application, I strongly recommend :)“

    bymmmike5s – 8th July 2016


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