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“And where should we sit?”

Suddenly, you realize that you need a table tonight, ideally in your favourite restaurant. However, you don’t have time to call and hope for a miracle; you have 20 seconds to arrange it all. What do you do?

We created this thing from the ground up

Restu is a guide to restaurants, pubs, and cafés in the Czech Republic. Miton needed an app to compete with the best mobile apps both in the Czech Republic and abroad. They wanted to enhance the previous 1.0 version for iOS as well as create a brand new Android version.

On top of development, we took care of the concept, design, UX, deployment, and subsequent services, too. Basically, we’ve taken the place of their internal development team. Development, optimizations, and enhancements of the app have already taken 18 months.

  • + 100 000

    downloads since release.
    And tens of thousands of
    active users every month

  • 4,4

    the average rating
    out of almost one
    thousand reviews.

  • 23 754

    the number of actual people Restu
    helps find a table in a restaurant,
    café or pub every month.

  • highlight #1

    Testing iBeacon

    We’ve equipped several restaurants with iBeacon Bluetooth transmitters. If a user gets within range, Restu will automatically send them a specific message. These beacons are a huge, trendy hit abroad, and their market is supposed to reach up to half a billion dollars in three years.

  • highlight #2

    Using 3D touch

    Together with its new iPhone 6s, Apple introduced another of its revolutionary functions called 3D touch. Of course, we couldn’t keep this “deep touch” only for ourselves during development so we used it as a quick shortcut for the four most frequently used functions in the app.

  • highlight #3

    Personalized actions

    The whole app, and literally every single step is monitored by analytics. We know how many people arrive, exactly what they do in the app, how many of them make their first booking, and how many are back to make another… And based on this we send out special notifications and invite them to further action.


Praise is great. But business matters most

Our new Android version of the Restu app soon became the best rated app of its kind on the Czech market. The app won all three main prizes at AppParade in 2015. And it was fourth in the WebTop100 competition.

The main thing is that the app scores well with the users, though. From the initial 5 bookings a day it’s made it to 200. And that’s a 4,000% growth!

  • „Super service I have used the service and I was very satisfied. Supporting herself approached me, after half an hour about what's reserve status.“

    Vít Kališ – 10th December 2016

  • „Excellent recommend downloading“

    Filip Prucha – 3rd December 2016

  • „Finally useful app. Working reservation, it’s awesome...“

    Lukas Stehlik – 4th August 2016


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