The Funtasty

A luxurious and ecological taxi service in Prague

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    Student Agency

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    iOS & Android

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Only fair fares

Forget all those jokes about Prague taxi drivers. In your mobile phone you can see the price of the ride in advance as well as user reviews of the chosen driver. And during the ride you can watch where you’re going in the map. In a hurry? You’ll be there in a Tick!

A comfortable ride, at your fingertips

In 2015, we won a contract with a Prague taxi service called Tick Tack (a daughter company of Student Agency). Its fleet consists exclusively of white Audi A6s, and the app was also expected to include a newly-added Green Prague Taxi fleet made up of Škoda Octavia CNGs.

The new app makes it easy to choose a luxurious Tick Tack car or its ecological Green Prague counterpart. Instantly see the closest cars as well as the calculation of the price for your ride. Order a taxi right now or up to three months in advance. During the ride you can track your route online, and also see who’s driving and how previous passengers have rated them.

  • 10 200

    active users
    turn to the Tick Tack
    app every month.

  • 100 %

    of the app is covered by analytics.
    We know everything,
    and we react to everything.

  • 3

    That’s three. And that’s the number
    of clicks you have to make in the app
    before a taxi gets on its way to pick you up.

  • highlight #1

    A taxi in a single click

    We’ve developed a special app for smartwatches which makes the whole thing even easier. No need to enter any data anymore; your favourite taxi is now just a single watch click away.

  • highlight #2

    Deploying iBeacon

    We’ve covered important Prague junctions (airport, the Florenc station, the main station, etc.) with iBeacon Bluetooth transmitters. If a user with a mobile phone gets within range, the Tick Tack app will automatically send them a specific notification inviting them to order a taxi.

  • highlight #3

    It’s all a game

    The app should be fun to use as well. This is why we paid special attention to designing the icons of small cars that you can see approaching you online in the map. This way you can watch your taxi coming to pick you up.


Top design = better earnings

We provided the Tick Tack taxi service with an app that easily competes with similar apps on both local and foreign markets, including more famous services such as Uber and Liftago.

And doing good business is only the top priority: app has grown from generating a few rides per week to helping hundreds of travelers every day.

  • „Completely satisfied with tick tack taxi, always good arrival, clean cars ... recommend .... keep it up :-)“

    Kudrys Kudrys – 31th July 2016

  • „I ordered a taxi the day before. The driver was with me at the minute. It is great that one can choose a specific date and time. Top!“

    Dirt Maniak – 30th September 2016

  • „Everything all right :-) I’m just missing check mark there, if I want to order the return journey.“

    Martin Jebas – 29th July 2016


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