The Funtasty

Android developer

Do you keep your mobile on you at all times, always thinking about how to do things better, and you’re not afraid of making mistakes? Well, there’s an open chair here for you.

  • Employment

    Full time

  • Experience

    Senior & junior

  • City


It’s absolutely necessary…


To know your Java (OOP), Android SDK, and Android Studio

We don’t have a problem with juniors, but there’s no time to teach them everything.


To version the code

Commit, push & pull in Git is as natural for you as brushing your teeth.


To write the code well, so that others can actually read it

We have our own code style and prefer to keep the spaghetti on our plates.


To handle an API well

You can parse JSON or XML from REST API into the database without spending ages going through the documentation.

It’s always good…


To know your way around RxJava, Dagger, Kotlin

Even our copywriter knows these. He knows how to Google. In your case we’ll appreciate some real experience as well.


To love testing

You don’t think it’s a drag; you know testing makes sure that you’ve done a good job.





To be used to Continuous Integration

In our case in tandem with Fastlane or Bitrise.


To have done some work in the past

Your own app, a school project or a contribution to Open Source. Show off your GitHub!

Why you’ll like it here

  • Beautiful offices in the center of Brno

    Who the hell would want to work in some dark cell?

  • A well-coordinated team and a chance to grow

    We help each other and let you try new things.

  • Work that makes sense

    We create apps for big, famous brands that freelancers don’t get to as easily.

67 clients in the past 5 years



I joined the company three years ago and then went to try my luck in London. And now I’m in charge of the whole development team at Funtasty. And I’m more and more convinced that you can (must!) love your work. And then you can go to work with a smile on your face.

  • london

  • clean

  • independent


lead ios developer

At work, I cycle through four programming languages and communicate with people based on three continents, which is a lot of fun as well as a source of inspiration. I regularly clear my mind in nature where I can search for the meaning of life outside the office.

  • music

  • hiking

  • norway


CEO & lead designer

I founded The Funtasty. I take care of its operations, meet with clients, and create concepts for apps. And I try to draw them all, too. In my leisure time I like to travel, but instead of beaches I prefer discovering the best local restaurants wherever I am.

+420 605 312 459‬

  • ceo

  • maximalist

  • gurman


lead android developer

In the company, I’ve got a hand in (almost) every stage of development – from the analysis and proposal to development, testing, and support. I’d like to get a grumpy cat; they say I look like one. But I’m too lazy to to do it myself, so I doubt that’s going to happen.

  • třinec

  • pesimist

  • grumpy cat


ios developer

I like science-fiction and think we are living it. Anyway, it could definitely do with some improvements. Let’s hope we can do something about it at Funtasty. Me? I just do my small part, but I hope it makes a difference in some way.

  • bike

  • open

  • sci-fi


ios developer

All my life, I’ve tried to do what I really enjoy. The more I do it, the better I get at it and the more I enjoy it… perpetuum mobile. When creating apps, I use my common sense, I try to keep things in perspective and stay critical, and I can certainly empathize with lazy users.

  • sleep

  • batman

  • jagr


android developer

I’d have never thought that I could get such a dream job at Funtasty via LinkedIN. I did, though, and here I am. And every day is different here. When I come home, I play music from vinyls and dream of dancing at a Sun&Bass festival.

  • drum'n'bass

  • optimist

  • instagram


ios developer

I joined Funtasty not long ago, but the democratic way decisions are made in the team has really surprised me. I know very well that I can never stick to just one thing, so I keep planning new interesting things in my life. Ideally one for every week.

  • born
    in sk

  • impulsive

  • hockey


ios developer

When working on an app, I always try to look at it through the eyes of the most demanding user out there. That’s why I want to polish every single detail. My dream is to create my own app which would earn me enough money to buy a house for my Mom, for everything she’s done for me.

  • born
    in sk

  • energetic

  • family



Testing makes me feel satisfied when the apps behave the way they’re supposed to. Apart from that, I also like to code and I recently released a game on Google Play. My dream is to release a game millions of people will play, and also to see the Earth from space.

  • gamer

  • spaceman

  • mladá



I take care of things so that others don’t have to; I’m in charge of daily operations in the office, HR, events, and the awesome mood around here. I don’t have time to get bored at work, but I do enjoy the occasional moments of quiet. I love Brno and my two cats.

  • Brno

  • cats

  • balance


ios developer

I’m definitely one of the perfectionists here at Funtasty. I find automobiles of any kind very fascinating and when I’m not sleeping, working or doing sports, my leisure time is spent dreaming of moving across the ocean.

  • Automobiles

  • Sports

  • America



I don’t want to force users to think. I spend more time researching and testing than working on a design itself. I have roots in Syria, and I see the near future in autonomous cars and the distant future on Mars.

  • Research

  • Future

  • Cooperation


android developer

Android wasn’t an obvious choice for me, as I nearly became a physicist and astronomer. All the same, I’ve fallen in love with my work and when I’m not thinking about code I like to do sports and enjoy watching some series or a good sci-fi.

  • Sports

  • Universe

  • Problem


android developer

I’d like to invent something super-innovative. Waiting for the muses to kiss me, I spend my time polishing apps for Android and trying to finish my studies. I’ll never say no to a glass of good beer or an opportunity to test a new technology.

  • Eternal

  • Early

  • Beer


android developer

I’m not exactly an early bird but the interesting projects at Funtasty are always able to get me out of bed. Karate is my lifestyle and a green, four-wheeled cat is my life dream.

  • Karate

  • Laughter

  • iAndroid


project manager

I try to get the best out of my colleagues and push them forward. I always do things flat-out, just like my dad, and I hope that one day I’ll become the same role model for my kids. I like to relax watching documentaries on the creation of the world.

  • Challenges

  • Origins of
    the world

  • Perfectionist


ios developer


  • Sick humor

  • Globetrotter

  • Skateboarding


ios developer

“Work Hard, Do Well” is my motto. I love my daughter and Czech beer (in this order). I dream of having a big house on the seacoast which would always be full of people.

  • Beer

  • Sports

  • Family


project manager

My job is to communicate with clients. I like to have things planned and finished. I can create a table for just about anything, build a house in a tree and bake a loaf of bread. Once I pluck up the courage, I’ll go for a two-year vacation with my kids. Or a two-month one, at least.

  • Deadline

  • Excel lover

  • Family


android developer

I always write code under the assumption that a dangerous psycho who knows where I live will have to fix it after me. I like to travel (with my thumb sticking out) and would like to explore the world to prove that Home Sweet Home is true and that my home is the best place to start a family.

  • Born in SK

  • Hitchhiking

  • Home sweet home